Perth’s Court Hotel gets disco fever

Posted on Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

The Court Hotel is Perth’s only gay and lesbian tavern and after undergoing a $3m renovation, The Court is now more popular than ever. With regular drag shows, a gay and lesbian singles night, amazing food and Perth’s hottest dance, house and R&B DJ’s, The Court is an essential stopover for travelers to Perth.

The venue includes a front bar, restaurant, a pumping dance floor and separate dance bar plus an outdoor beer garden which converts into another venue within itself.

Rick Browne of Venue Technical Services was called upon to revamp the hotel’s audio visual system including installing a snazzy disco lighting system. Central to the disco display are eight Pro Shop LED Tubes arranged in a star pattern and these are suspended from the ceiling central to the dance floor. Eight powerful Martin SCX700 scanners create a multitude of brilliant effects whilst a further four Martin Mania EFX600 effect lights emit a dizzying array of razor sharp effects and patterns. For added punch, a Martin Atomic 3000 DMX strobe light has also been installed as has a robust JEM Magnum hazer.

More Pro Shop LED Tubes are positioned on a verandah colour changing some opaque, perspex shapes such as stars and circles up to a metre in diameter. Previously fluorescent tubing had been used but Rick suggested the LED Tubes and the result is stunning.

Similarly, the main bar had fluorescent tubes back lighting its’ translucent Corian façade and again, Rick replaced them with Pro Shop LED Tubes.

The lighting spreads to the Beer Gardern where a couple of Geni OBY600 moving lights are used as well as four Studio Due Shark150 profile robotics and thirty-six PAR56 par cans all controlled by a Pulsar Masterpiece 216 console.

Photos: Nigel Etherington