Pathway eDIN #1008 LED Dimmer Rev2 Released

Posted on Friday, February 19th, 2010

Pathway Connectivity is now shipping Revision 2 of its DIN-rail mountable LED Dimmer, the eDIN #1008. With LED wiring still being novel to many installers, the 1008 has been redesigned for greater robustness and protection from accidental damage.

Each of the six outputs is now fuse-protected against mis-wiring, with two spare fuses shipped on every card. An on-board DMX-present relay is user-wired as either open or closed, while a contact closure “panic” input drives all outputs to full regardless of the DMX status.

User control has also been expanded. Each output on the 1008 can be driven by a 0-10VDC input. This analog control is automatically HTP-merged with the DMX level, when present. Along with single precision, double precision and non-dim modes, a single channel mode has been added, allowing one DMX channel to drive all six outputs.

Other additions include a user-settable “grandmaster” that limits the maximum output, and a minimum level setting. The user-set minimum remains in effect even without DMX being present, making the 1008 suited for aisle lighting or other ‘never-off’ applications.

And the 1008’s firmware is now field-upgradable, using a Pathport and a simple, free upgrader application. With 4A current handling at 12-24VDC, the eDIN 1008 LED Dimmer provides reliable, stepless DMX control of just about any common-anode LED fixture.
Australian distributor: Jands