Parasol System

Posted on Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

In most applications, where these “moving lights” are used, they all have one thing in common; moving lights are almost always, bolted or fastened to a fixed truss; they do not move.

Parasol’s unique patented technology allows moving lights, lasers, or cameras to be fixed to moveable carts that glide the lights along a predefined guide way or track. The carts are self-propelled, motorized carts (ParaCarts) that are controlled by wireless technology. The Tracks can be any shape that is appropriate for the event, concert or structure.

Video of the Parasol System

Parasol systems are entirely scalable and can be categorized into three series:

? L Series – Large; for outdoor theme parks, special events, etc.
The Lseries Carts are designed for large lighting fixtures such as Syncrolites MX4, SXB-7/3 or XL10’s

? M Series – Medium; for indoor theatrical productions, concerts, musical events
M Series Carts are primarily built for medium weight light fixtures from 80lb to 120lbs

? S Series – Small; for discos, dance clubs, showrooms and cabarets, cruise ship theatres
Our S series Carts are for lights under 80lbs.

Parasol currently offers three fundamental track configurations; straight, curved and circular.

The base technology and Parasol Control System for all sizes and configurations are virtually identical.

In the early R&D stages of Parasol a very influential Lighting Industry person told the founders, “if you build this system so it is Safe, Smooth, Reliable and Quiet you may have a hit on your hands”

Since that day in 2006 the founders Hermann Fruhm and Randy Krochak set out to do just that. “SSRQ has been our mandate for building Parasol Systems and we are extremely proud of the fact we have achieved just that and will continue to perfect our technology”  CEO- Hermann Fruhm.