Paramore go green with GLP Impressions

Posted on Tuesday, November 9th, 2010


Paramore‘s popularity has grown since the film Twilight featured “Decode” on the soundtrack. That left LD Chad Peters with a dual challenge: find fixtures bright enough for arena-sized venues, yet still meet the band’s strong “green” preference.

As with the band Rise Against where Peters had first used GLP Impressions, the “green” preference had more to do with environmental impact than any particular colour.

“They were asking whether it was a green design, and I thought they were talking about the colour of their set until I realized they were concerned with eco-issues,” Peters said. Peters ended up adding 28 GLP Impressions to the rig.

The advantages, Peters added, weren’t limited to energy efficiency. “You can produce a PAR can white from the Impressions – a nice tungsten – without getting that rainbow lighting effect,” he said, noting also “you also deliver a really nice tight beam angle – it really punches.

“Considering how bright and responsive they were, they just seemed so lightweight,” Peters said. “The speed of the colour and position is a big plus for me as I am using them as my main wash lights, and for an arena-size show, this is actually quite small. So it gives me the flexibility to use them for big stops and instant colour bumps that would normally require more lights and the need to set up a cue to make it appear instant. So it’s ideal for the LD on a budget.”

Peters arranged for 14 Impressions to be individually mounted on pipes at different heights to create the illusion that they are floating within the set. “There’s no clamping – each fixture threads directly into the top of the pipe,” he said. The remaining 14 heads are mounted on the overhead truss, which includes four T-bars.

Peters originally landed the gig with Paramore back in 2007. “I had one of their songs on my Myspace page and my room mate / best friend Robb Jibson sent me an email saying that that they were looking for an LD/tech that could also do video. I replied – and here I am.”

Pictured are Paramore playing the Sydney Entertainment Centre earlier this month where lighting supplier Bytecraft Entertainment substituted the GLP Impressions with an equally fantastic, environmentally-friendly LED fixture – the Martin MAC301 wash. Also in the rig were eighteen Martin MAC III Profile and twelve MAC2000 wash.

Bytecraft crew: Fergal O’Sullivan, Gus Wimmer and Mic Buric.

Photos: Troy Constable