Paradise Lost for Martin

Posted on Friday, June 5th, 2009

Paradise Lost, the latest swanky nightclub to open at Surfer’s Paradise, features VIP lounges and an action packed dance floor thanks to a host of Martin lighting gear.

Nathan Pugh, owner of One Productions, was responsible for the lighting design and installation. As soon as he saw how high the space was between the dance floor and the ceiling – six metres – he knew just the product to specify.

”I knew that the Martin Mania SCX600 scanners would be ideal due to their incredible speed and brightness,” he said. “Plus the price is really good! I have sixteen SCX scanners situated all around the dance floor and they are so punchy and crisp. I’ve been installing them into quite a few venues recently.”

As the SCX600 features separate colour and gobo wheels it can produce a multitude of effects onto the dance floor and its surrounds. The Mania SCX600 is an extremely flexible effect light, designed for both installation and portable use and is appreciated by DJs, live performers and club owners alike.

Centred to the dance floor and rigged to a suspended pole is a massive 3ft mirror ball, flanked by smaller ones, a couple of 4 way DMX blinders and two DMX Golden Strobes. A Martin Haze machine pumps out the atmospherics.

Control is by a Martin LightJockey, an Easy to use and logical PC-based system favoured by Nathan.

“I’ve used it many times and found it to be easy to operate,” he reported. “LightJockey is perfect for clubs, after basic programming is complete, music and light shows can literally be up and running in minutes.”