Palco 3+ the silent winner at QPAC

Posted on Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

In 2009 The Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) reopened its doors after a $34million dollar refurbishment. The Concert Hall benefited from the refurbishment with a colour changing LED lighting system that illuminated the stalls, balcony, walls and ceiling. The success of the system has been noted by the hundreds of clients that have used the hall since then.

There were a few legacies from the refurbishment. The ceiling LED wash units did a terrific job of lighting the textured ceiling creating a wonderful effect but unfortunately the Palco 5s that were used had clearly auditable cooling fans. QPAC lighting quickly undertook research for products to replace the noisy fixtures as clients such as orchestras and chamber musicians did not allow the fixtures to be powered up. The challenge was to find a fixture that lit the ceiling as well as the Palco!

Show Technology were approached and forwarded many excellent products but the clear winner was the new Palco 3+ which had the output of the Palco 5 but without the noisy fans.

Even though SGM is not one of Show Technology’s distributed brands, their commitment to their client saw them source the correct product for the job. Keeping their clients happy by providing the best products for an application and first class service is what Show Technology is all about.

According to Doug, the QPAC team were really happy with the support from Show Technology and Palco to come up with the solution that was a simple swap of the fixtures and only took a few days in and around venue usage.

“Once again the team at Show Technology have really shown that they understand the need of the industry and our venues by providing us with a solution that works first time,” said Doug Brimblecombe QPAC’s manager of lighting.