Osram demonstrates phaser laser technology

Posted on Thursday, April 7th, 2016

phaserOsram is demonstrating phaser laser technology for the entertainment sector for the first time at Prolight+Sound 2016. The lighting specialist is showcasing new products based on traditional and SSL technology for the event and entertainment sectors.

A special highlight from Osram at Prolight+Sound 2016 is the next generation of entertainment lighting based on laser technology. The Osram booth (E50 in Hall 3.0) features not only the Kreios Profile and Fresnel luminaires but also the new versions of the familiar and improved Lok-it! Power Series and the SplitStar S32, an innovative RGBW multi-chip LED module.

“As a pioneer in laser technology, we are delighted to be showing this technology in action for entertainment lighting, creating yet another milestone in this sector”, explained Hans-Joachim Schwabe, CEO specialty lighting at Osram. “What’s more, visitors to our booth and to the booth of our subsidiary Clay Paky can see more products for the entertainment sector and the first results of our close cooperation.”

Osram is presenting its phaser laser technology for the first time with a luminous flux of up to 18,000 lumen (lm). Phaser is a compound of phosphor and laser. It will enable lighting solutions in future to offer the maximum available luminance. In developing phaser technology Osram was able call on its extensive know-how from the automotive and medical sectors. In 2014 Osram received the internationally renowned R&D 100 Award for the development of the Itos Phaser 3000, the first LED/laser-based white light module.

Innovative LARP technology (Laser Activated Remote Phosphor), which was developed for automotive applications, has been on the roads also since 2014 www.osram.com 2/5 as laser front lighting on various series models. Now this technology is being used in the entertainment sector for the first time. It offers very high illuminance levels, previously unattainable with LED light sources. The long life also leads to low maintenance costs and high luminaire reliability.

Initial application-specific pilot projects, which can be seen at the fair, are being implemented with an external OEM partner and also internally at Osram.

As the range of applications for spotlights continues to expand and therefore their performance requirements increase, Osram has given the Lok-it! Power Series a technical facelift and developed more powerful versions, of which the following are being presented at Prolight+Sound: the two improved standard versions Lok-it! 1000/PS and Lok-it! 1700/PS, Lok-it! 1000/PS Brilliant and Lok-it! 1400/PS Brilliant with a color rendering index (CRI) of 95

Also in the series are the Lok-it! 1000/PS Blue with a colour temperature of 7500 kelvin (K) and the imminently available Lok-it! 1000/PS Beam with a shorter arc spacing. On all new models a special lamp filling reduces the green tone usually seen with metal halide lamps and ensures a balanced spectrum.

A newcomer to the SplitStar family is the multi-channel LED module S32 RGBW – Another innovation from Osram is its S32 RGBW multi-channel LED module featuring high luminance in combination with high luminous flux. The module is based on particularly densely arranged LED chips in red, green, blue and white which can be individually controlled and can be operated at up to 5 amps (A) thanks to a low overall thermal resistance of 0.2 kelvin/watt (K/W).

Osram is presenting three new members of the Sirius HRI family: Sirius HRI 100W, 440W and 580W Brilliant. In addition to the three latest models, the powerful metal halide lamps are also available as Sirius HRI 132W, 140W RO, 190W+, 230W, 280W, 330W, 330W XL and 330W X8.