Operations Manager LX Productions Melbourne

Posted on Monday, January 17th, 2011

LX Productions is seeking applications from people interested in taking on the role of Operations Manager to deliver administrative, technical, and project management services in our organization.

LX Productions has an excellent customer base, a solid set of procedures, and a strong focus to supply innovative lighting production and hire.

Knowledge of the lighting industry is preferred, as is previous business experience. This position is a new role in our organization and will include such duties as:

Monitoring and processing of projects

Scheduling and supervising crew

Customer Service duties

Assisting in the prepping of jobs and returns

Maximizing and maintaining storage areas

Assisting with deliveries

This position is based on an initial employment  of 3 days per week, with a view to full time employment  subject  to the  successful  individual skills and growth within our business.

To apply for the position please forward your application to accounts@lxproductions.com.au  by January 28th 2011.