Oceania choose Martin MAC Quantum Profiles as their workhorse

Posted on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

_R2A0229New Zealand’s Oceania Productions have purchased twenty Martin MAC Quantum Profiles with Lighting Manager Simon Garrett commenting that he immediately recognised them as a good, solid workhorse.

“That’s really what we need over here in New Zealand,” said Simon. “I had also been looking for a fixture for theatre shows, something in that medium price, medium weight and medium size area. The MAC Quantums certainly fill that ‘middle’ niche for us.”

_R2A0341Simon is delighted with the size and weight of his MAC Quantums saying he can hold one with one hand and that they are great in terms of truck space.

“They just tick a lot of boxes,” he added. “And having a Martin name on the side of them doesn’t hurt!”

The MAC Quantum Profile combines top-quality white light with a fast, smooth CMY colour mixing system and crisp gobo projection on surfaces as well as mid-air.

With all this and the new Animotion™ FX system that allows never-before seen beam animations, the market is now finally seeing the first real 700/800 W discharge lamp replacement in a profile fixture that effectively harnesses cutting-edge LED technology.

_R2A0304Oceania’s MAC Quantums were immediately put to work on Brickman, the biggest exhibition of lego works in the southern hemisphere.

Originally the creators of the show specified arc lamps, such as a MAC Viper, but Simon thought an LED option would be better suited to a twelve hours a day, nine week show.

“The show has eighteen of the MAC Quantum Profiles, 104 LED PARs and 157 tungsten fixtures,” explained Simon. “Basically we’ve set it up with a couple of faders and at the end of the day they just take the fader down. We leave everything going as we find with a set up _R2A0213like this if you just lamp off and leave everything running you get very few faults. When you turn the rig completely off and then completely on again, that’s when you’re more likely to get faults. When it’s up to temperature the fans are running nice and everything is up to equilibrium with nothing working too hard.”

Simon further remarked how much life Show Technology has injected into the Martin brand in New Zealand.

“If this had happened six months ago, I wouldn’t have been able to get the product in time,” he said. “I knew I wanted the product and was planning to get some later in the year but then this show came along and I was able to proceed straightaway. Because Show Technology are so well organised, I was able to get the product within four days.”