Novatech ready to adapt

Posted on Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Novatech Productions have purchased eight Martin MAC250 Beam Adaptors, the easy and inexpensive upgrade that installs in only five minutes on any existing MAC250 Wash fixture. However managing director Leko Novakovic insists they won’t be the last!

“I think we’ll buy plenty more,” he commented. “They really are an amazing product, quiet surprising. Even in a big room environment they’re very efficient and look great. They’re cheap yet punchy. For a couple of hundred bucks you clip this thing onto your wash unit and out comes a beam and you get a couple of gobos inside as well. It gives you the best of both worlds; a wash or a profile.”

Leko put the MAC250 Beam Adaptors to the test on the recent Akon and T-Pain Konvict Musik Tour 2009 which featured an impressive arsenal of Martin moving lights including MAC700 profiles, washes and Atomic Strobes. A fixture normally lost in large arenas, the Entours performed amazingly well and stood up to the MAC700’s.

”The Sydney show was held at Acer Arena and was sold out,” added Leko. “If I had said that I was using MAC250’s in an arena that holds 16,000 people a while ago, people would have laughed at me. But the MAC250 Beams really stood the test and looked very good.”

The MAC250 Beams were hung on droppers from the back truss and the photos show that they compete extremely well with the surrounding MAC700’s.