Novatech on the road with Noiseworks

Posted on Monday, November 24th, 2008

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Australian Rock Legends Noiseworks are busy touring the country with all audio and lighting production, as well as crew, supplied by Novatech Productions.

One of the main issues that Novatech’s Michael Roberts, lighting designer and operator for the tour, had to consider was power.

“As we are playing mainly RSL clubs I had to design something that would be able to work off what these venues can supply in the way of power,” began Michael. “It’s usually just one 3 phase outlet and that’s incorporating house rigs as well. Consequently I introduced twenty-five Pro Shop LED DMX Strips to the show which add a modern-day edge to the show. They’re easy to install, power up and run data for. I really like using the LED strips in fact we have three on the floor that we designed stands for which really makes life easy.”

In terms of lighting, the band wanted a rock’n’roll show and apparently the LED lighting was a bit of a shock to them being used to banks of par cans.

“The band is happy with the results and Jon Stevens, with his theatre background, can be quite particular,” commented Michael. “He really knows what he wants which is good.”

At each venue Michael integrates the house rig with his own which is no mean feat.

“That has been the main problem as you just don’t know what to expect,” he said. “Most venues have been great but there have been places where, for example, there’s been nowhere to rig anything. It’s been a challenge.”

One reliable constant on the road with Michael are eight Martin MAC250 Entour moving profile lights for effects and four Martin MAC600 moving wash lights for front wash. Four Martin Atomic 3000 Strobes and four Kupo 4 Way Strip Audience Molefays complete the rig.