Novatech Gets d3

Posted on Friday, August 17th, 2012

Novatech Creative Event Technology are proud to announce a Rental Network Partnership with d3 technologies in London UK.

d3 is a world leading real-time 3D stage simulator, timeline based sequencer, video playback engine, and content mapper, all integrated into a single piece of software that runs on your own laptop or dedicated d3 hardware.

Designed from the ground up to help you visualise your event from the get go d3 allows you to see an accurate simulation of your final production well before the first truck leaves the warehouse.

d3 is the single tool you need to create a cohesive workflow all the way through every stage of your project, saving you both time and money.

Packed with awesome features d3 allows you to simulate sequence and control from one familiar environment.

Milenko Novakovic, Technical Director and Co-Owner of Novatech Creative Event Technology “I have been keeping a close eye on the d3 system as well as exciting key projects from the UVA team in London for a few years now and believe that the time is right for us to get involved with the system. d3 is a truly unique all in one solution that pushes the boundaries in this field. We have tried several other products that have had limitations that we couldn’t get past and needed something that would deliver a high tech solution and direct support to ensure we can continue to design and develop cutting edge concepts for our ever-growing client base”

Leko Novakovic, Managing Director of Novatech Creative Event Technology continues “the guys at d3 have a strong background and understanding in the field and in turn know exactly what’s required from the product on a show execution level. Being the first with the system in Australia and one of a small number of rental partners across the world we are very excited and already have several large projects and designs underway”

Novatech have several d3 – 4u and designer systems in our rental inventory that have been installed into custom designed tour ready racks.

Novatech d3 Studio

Novatech Creative Event Technology is also pleased to announce Australia’s first d3 studio at its offices in Underdale, South Australia. Novatech has created a unique world class studio to complement our investment in d3. The d3 studio allows designers and producers the opportunity to completely build their projects from the ground up and test them in the 3d environment.

When building the studio Novatech made the decision to incorporate a brand new Video Production suite which has become home to the latest full spec Mac Pro system loaded with the full suite of Adobe CS6 Master collection as well as Final Cut 7 and a vast variety of design and support programs all delivered on dual Apple 27″ Cinema displays with sound delivered by Grover Notting Code 5 monitor speakers. If that wasn’t enough Novatech also threw in a Pro Tools HD 3 96 channel Recording and Playback System.