Novatech get their 50 Cent’s worth

Posted on Monday, August 4th, 2008

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Hot on the heels of the Air tour (below) came a whirlwind tour by world famous rapper and entrepreneur 50 Cent who teamed up with fellow artists G-Unit and Phinesse for a short, three concert stop in Australia. Novatech Production Services supplied all production elements for the concerts held at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne.

Lighting was a mixture of 112 parcans, 12 MAC600, 10 MAC700, 4 Martin Atomic 3000, 8 four way blinders, 24 Pro Shop LED strips and 160 Pro Shop LED tubes – all run by an MA Lighting grandMA with a PC back up and a Jands Hog 1K triggering the ArKaos media server. The show focused on some old school looks so there was a shift back to the traditional parcan and away from moving yokes. With this in mind there needed to be something to give the stage a finishing touch so the 160 LED tubes where fed video signal converted into DMX via an ArKaos LED mapper and video server. This gave the stage some eye candy technology without detracting from the intention of the ‘old school’ lighting design.

The vision system for the concerts was a key component necessary to maintain the continuity of the 50 Cent show. With custom graphics packages for each of the tracks in the 50 Cent set, the system needed to deliver high quality i-mag camera shots and great graphics. A single projection screen each side of the stage kept the system simple and was adequate for the size of the venues. Barco CLM R10+ DLP projectors provided bright and sharp images. A Sony DFS-700 mixed the vision sources with multiple DVD and computer sources mixed together with four live cameras to create the final vision mix.