New LED Products from Spotlight at PLASA 2012

Posted on Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

In hall 1 – booth H5 at the PLASA 2012 show, three innovative LED products in the Green Line will be presented from Spotlight. In addition, Spotlight will highlight existing luminaires in their stand, including the FresneLED 200, ProfiLED 100 RGBW, and ProfiLED 180 RGB.

The new Spotlight luminaires include:

FresneLED 250 TW — 250W high efficiency LED, long-lasting, tunable CCT (3,000-6,500K), high CRI (>92), zoom 13- to 79-degrees. The performances of a 1,000W incandescent tungsten lamp fixture with only 250W power and a life 30 times longer. The company says this fixture offers the possibility of generating white light in different color temperatures, from 3,000 to 6,500K, for theatre, TV, and film applications. This luminaire provides smooth and continuous dimming from 0 to 100% without changing color temperature. FresneLED 250 TW uses the same housing of the well-known VARIO 12 halogen spotlight, in order to keep the same professional features — strong aluminum die-cast structure with excellent ventilation for heat dissipation and the use of the same standard family of accessories. FresneLED 250 TW can be successfully employed together with other conventional tungsten lamps in theatre and studio applications saving energy and heat. Moreover, thanks to the possibility of changing the color temperature (tunable CCT) it can be used as outdoor fill light in TV and film shoots.

PROFILED 200 — 200W, high efficiency, long-lasting, white light LED. Zoom 11- to 23-degrees (ZS) / 16- to 32-degrees (ZW). With internal electronic dimming, high efficiency, and the choice of LED of different color temperatures (3,000-4,000-5,000K), these fixtures are ideal both for theatre and film-TV applications. The extra long life of the LED source, makes them appropriate for large architectural applications as well, where they dramatically reduce the maintenance cost. The ProfiLED 200 units are based on the same housing of Evolution Halogen 1200W Profile in order to keep the same professional features — the strong aluminum body, excellent heat dissipation, and the use of the same family of accessories. Light output is higher than the usual 1,000W halogen lamps, with energy saving and less heat production, the company says. The extra long life of the light sources with simple lamp replacement are benefits.

PROFILED 250 RGBW — A rainbow of colors in a single 250W LED profile spot. Zoom 12- to 24-degrees (ZS) / 24- to 41-degrees (ZW). An innovative tool for lighting designers — all in one compact RGBW LED source — millions of colors for sharp, concentrated, adjustable light beam, with the possibility of gobo projection. Suitable for dynamic lighting projects both in theatres and TV studios, with saturated and intense color effects and adjustable white color temperature through DMX and RDM controls. Useful in architectural applications for new lighting solutions. As a result of the high efficiency/low consumption and the extra long life of the source, Profiled 250 RGBW can reduce the maintenance cost in heavy applications. Thanks to the absence of IR and UV rays it can be used for lighting delicate or precious objects. Ideal for rental companies because of its extreme flexibility of application; the small size and low power required make its use easy in any circumstance.
Australian Distributor: Jands