New grandMA’s for Novatech

Posted on Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Novatech Creative Event Technology is excited to announce the arrival of their new grandMA and grandMA 2 consoles continuing their commitment to provide Adelaide and Australia with top quality, cutting-edge technology.

The Lighting Department is very happy to have a grandMA full-size and a grandMA 2 Lite and couldn’t wait to get stuck into them. An intense training session with Vince Haddad from Show Technology helped to bring the entire department up to speed with the extensive programming options available on the units.

“These new consoles are a great addition to the Novatech lighting arsenal,” commented Jayden Sutherland, Novatech’s new Lighting Department Head (pictured). “The grandMA full-size has become an industry standard and with the NSP addition we can offer our clients full redundancy backup meaning zero downtime on the rare occasion that a console faults.

”Our grandMA 2 Lite also features Australia’s first NPU allowing those engineers ready to step up to the grandMA 2 the same level of backup as the original grandMA with the addition of a further 8 DMX outputs”.

Leko Novakovic, Novatech’s Managing Director, added “We were overdue to extend our lighting console inventory and you can never have enough grandMA’s. With our lighting inventory growing rapidly we can always use bigger and better desks, complementing the larger lighting rigs being designed. The grandMA 2 is an amazing piece of machinery. Capable of up to 256 DMX outputs it opens up a world of options to our designers and the many touring designers and engineers we work with. I know the boys are excited to unleash the grandMA 2’s capabilities and I am sure we will see some amazing designs based on its great technology”.

New Martin MAC 250 washes with beam kits as well as a new range of MAC700 Profiles and Washes will also extend the design options for the lighting department.