New elegant lighting for Sydney’s Australian Museum

Posted on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012


Sydney based lighting Company – Creative Lighting and Audio  were appointed to  supply a new energy efficient, dynamic lighting system for the major retail food area of iconic Australian Museum in Sydney. Twenty fixtures of Anolis ArcPad 48 RGBW’s were installed in the Café area of the museum, providing the historical space with a unique inviting and elegant atmosphere.

The Australian Museum is the oldest museum in Australia, with an international reputation in the fields of natural history and anthropology. It is one of the leading cultural attractions of Sydney. It offers a number of first class permanent exhibitions as well as a number of ever changing special exhibitions and events.

Leading Australian lighting designer Mark Hammer was asked to design the innovative new lighting scheme for Café area, which is located ajacent to the main entrance. The Café offers a quiet relaxing place for tourists to enjoy refreshments during the day. During the evening, the space is transformed into an open elegant event space that is utilised for corporate functions, weddings, cocktail parties and gala dinners. The new lighting system needed to be flexible enough to create a warm cozy atmosphere during quitter times and be unobtrusive and elegant for the special events.

“Due to the heritage significance of the building, the specified lighting system needed to blend in with the surrounding architecture and surface treatments and not to create additional elements that impose, clash with or detract from the existing space,” explains Andre Kecskes from Creative Lighting and Audio.

“Our client required eco-efficient and sustainable fixtures with safe and easy access for maintenance of the fittings if required. There were also maximum capacity power requirements that could not be exceeded. These were the main contributing factors the  Anolis ArcPad 48 fixtures were the ideal LED luminaires for this project. Their size, shape and stylish design were very important in keeping for overall decent look of the space”, adds Kecskes.

The new lighting system is interfaced via Anolis ArcControl 1024 wall panel, offering easy and intuitive control with preprogrammed timed lighting scenarios which seamlessly adap to the environment.