New DTS XR5 Spot at Entech

Posted on Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Just announced: Lighthouse Distribution to have the NEW XR5 Spot moving light at Entech!

The new XR5 Spot moving-head projector is super bright and packed with features. It is the powerful evolution of the best-selling XR250 Spot. The XR5 Spot is fitted with a discharge 250W lamp combined with a dichroic parabolic reflector which gives a light efficiency of 6.500 Lux at 5 mt (13°), making the XR5 Spot one of the brightest moving heads in the 250W range. Other features include motorised focusing, motorised iris, 2 gobo wheels (18 gobos), with extractable gobo holders to change gobos rapidly in any working condition, a colour wheel (8 colours), rotating prism, pan locking system and electromagnetic ballast. ?

The XR5 Spot is suitable for any mobile or fixed application that requires a fixture with high luminous output and a variety of functions. Its modern and sleek design makes for easy installation even in the most corporate environments.