New Audio Console Gives Sound Engineers Lighting Control Options

Posted on Friday, August 24th, 2012

Integrated DMX functionality may soon be giving sound engineers something new to play with – the lighting rig. The Soundcraft Si Performer range of mixers from Harman features a newly designed DMX512 port offering core lighting control. The first release of software provides four scene masters (A-D) with associated slave channels on the ALT fader layers, and individual color intensities or parameters can be set on the slave faders with an overall master level fader, which itself may be assigned to any of the main fader layers for simultaneous access to audio and lighting levels.

To automate the process, DMX settings may be stored alongside audio settings in the snapshot system, so both may be recalled automatically by a single button press or via an external MIDI command. With selective isolation, snapshots with just audio or lighting parameter changes may be recalled.
Australian Distributor: Jands