New Appointment at Novatech

Posted on Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Novatech Creative Event Technology welcomes its new Lighting Department Head, Jayden Sutherland to the management team. Jayden has worked for Novatech for the past 4 years and steps up to the position.

Jayden took some time off late last year to travel and work along the east coast of Australia. “Working with other companies was very enriching for me. I had a great opportunity to work within different team dynamics and get a feel for how the other guys do it. As enjoyable and challenging as it was, it is great to be back at Novatech and I am excited to lead the Lighting Department into a very busy 2010. One of the main things that drew me back to Novatech was their dedication to cutting edge technology. As a new piece of gear enters the market you can guarantee it will be in the warehouse within a week to be tested and trialed until it is decided if it?s an appropriate addition to the inventory. This sort of attitude towards technology allows a lighting designer to run wild with creative ideas and keep up to date with the ever changing fashions and trends in the lighting world”.

Leko Novakovic, Managing Director, Novatech Creative Event Technology said “We are pleased that Jayden has stepped up to his new position. His strong technical background far exceeds his young age and his enthusiasm for the department is evident in all of his designs. It is great that we have been able to work with him from such a young age. Jayden knows exactly how we work and what is expected of him in the position and we are sure that he will not disappoint”.