Multi-Play Launched by Artistic Licence Engineering

Posted on Monday, August 8th, 2011

Artistic Licence Engineering announces Multi-Play, a lighting show record–playback unit with outstanding memory capacity and Ethernet protocol versatility.

The time-saving offered by such a device is in great demand, as demonstrated by the popularity of the company’s sister product, Two-Play – a dedicated Art-Net controller capable of recording up to two Universes.

Now, Multi-Play takes the concept to a much bigger and broader arena. The disk-based product allows the user to record up to twelve Universes from any lighting console running Art-Net. For ultimate flexibility, playback is supported through multiple protocols, including Art-Net, ShowNet, KiNet and ACN Lite (E1.31).

Offering advanced triggering functionality, with the option to set the time, day or date cue as a rolling parameter, Multi-Play is a highly sophisticated controller. Nevertheless, its simple web browser configuration and compact 1U rack mount enclosure ensure that it remains user-friendly and practical.

“The ability to record from an Art-Net device but then playback to pretty much anything is a unique feature,” enthuses Artistic Licence Engineering MD, Simon Hobday. “We anticipate that Multi-Play will become a favourite among lighting designers and programmers worldwide.”

Testament to the company’s confidence in its new product, Multi-Play has been entered for the PLASA 2011 Innovation Awards.
Australian Distributor: Balanced technology