Mueller College decides on Martin MACIII Profiles

Posted on Friday, May 20th, 2011


Mueller College, established in 1990, is an energetic, modern co-educational Christian school located on the beautiful bay side peninsula of Redcliffe, Brisbane.

In 2009 the College opened their new auditorium which has the capacity to seat 1500 students and equipping the venue has been a work in progress.

The latest addition to the facility are two Martin MACIII Profile fixtures which offers a superior package of innovative features that includes greater output than other profiles in its class, improved colour vibrancy, exceptional gobo and animation effects, a wide zoom range and low noise cooling, as well as advances in control, handling, service and more.

“The auditorium is a stage development and it was always planned to get some movers in there,” commented Don Heazlewood, project manager at Mueller College. “I saw some trials of the Martin MACIII and was very impressed by them. We can place them on the rear gantry and from there cover the entire auditorium with colour and light, and that was a big advantage.”

Whilst the MACIII’s are semi-permanently housed on the rear gantry they can be moved around onto the stage or outside if required.

As well as being able to flood the room, from the gantry the MACIII beams can be zoomed real tight onto a particular spot on the stage making them a flexible option for the venue.

“The MACIII’s have been a great addition to the conventional fixtures, par cans and Pro Shop LED strips the venue currently has,” added Dan Wolter, Head of Lighting at the college. “They have been used on front of the stage, the highest and last gantry on back wall of auditorium (still providing a great punch) and recently placed on the sixth floor of the auditorium pointing down onto the campus floor. From there they washed out the whole floor! Although it wasn’t called for, we wondered how far the MACIII would throw and were blown away when they hit the goal posts around 300m away. What a great effect!”

Daniel reports that from the far back gantry one MACIII zoomed right out fills the stage allowing him to use one for colour washing and use the other for effects.

“No other mover we have used has that power,” he remarked. “We have used the animation wheel extensively particularly for water and fire effect in drama and theatre.

“As we are attached to the school and church, we (MPAC) perform a great amount of training. We provide a Cert 3 through the national technical training college and so the MACIII’s provide a great asset for students to learn on.”

The Martin MACIII Profiles were supplied to Mueller College by Brisbane Sound Group and Dan particularly wants to thank Chris Haines for support and help.

Photo: Daniel Wolter, Head of Lighting, and Jonathan Heazlewood, Head of Sound.

All photos taken by Belinda Heazlewood.