More Recycled Tech Xmas Specials

Posted on Monday, December 13th, 2010

Point Strobes slashed to $2.50 each.

Catchy item for store display, club front, decorative uses, these classic flashers get attention wherever you place them!

We need to clear our warehouses for the festive season and we’ve honored the Xmas special slashing these little babies’ price in half!

They feature an ES base for easy installation.

Heavy Duty LED Strips slashed to $245.00 each.

The Xmas “unbelievable” sale brings you The LED Strip HD at a very affordable price!

The  LED Strip Heavy Duty brings all of the popular features of the Pro Shop LED Strip into a heavy duty housing, making it perfect for touring especially in adverse weather conditions. Note that the fixture is not suitable for permanent outdoor installations.

To allow further versatility the unit has been divided into 4 individual controllable sections to allow for dynamic animating effects.

Stand alone and DMX addressing is selectable via a digital menu system mounted discreetly at one end of the unit.

More to come!