More Martin MAC 301 Wash™ LED fixtures for Matrix

Posted on Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Late last year Matrix Productions took delivery of a dozen Martin MAC 301 Wash™ LED fixtures which have proved to be popular, reliable and generally fabulous. So much so, Matrix is now in the process of ordering eight more of these amazing powerful LED wash lights.

Revered for features such as a quick response time, a versatile zoom function and brightness that needs to be seen the believed, the MAC 301 Wash™ LED is proving to be the ideal fixture for a variety of productions.

“We’ve taken the decision to embrace LED technology as much as possible and once we’d checked out MAC 301, we knew they were the fixture to order,” commented Darryl Edwards, director of Matrix Productions. “We’ve been really pleased with them and had no problems putting them on jobs. They’re doing the job for us and our customers are happy using them. As well as doing concerts and corporate work, we’ve cross-hired them several times.”

A devote fan of the Martin brand, Darryl has not been disappointed with their MAC 301 Wash™ LED pointing out that having no lamp issues is a big bonus.

“With other moving lights we’re always trying to manage the look of the lamps across all of them so that if we rent two out to an event we don’t end up with mismatched lamps,” he said. “The low power draw is great and takes away a few issues that can pop up from time to time. Often it means we don’t have to hire in generators for some productions.”

Pictured are Matrix’s Mick Letchford, Darryl Edwards and Chris