More Martin gear for Group Production Services

Posted on Thursday, June 26th, 2008

As the photo shows, Dave Jackson of Group Production Services is elated with his recently acquired Martin MAC700 profiles and MAC250 Entour washes.

“We purchased the MAC700’s because clients were always specifying them plus we already had MAC500, MAC600 and MAC250 Entour profiles,” he said. “The MAC700’s have a fantastic output, great colour mixing and they’re a handy size. Also, they’re reliability has been great.”

Group Production Service’s MAC700’s have just finished a handful of Queensland dates with the band Cut Copy (pictured) with lighting designed by Anthony Petruzzio. The rig included MAC700’s and MAC600’s as well as some Atomic Strobes plus twelve Martin Stage Bars situated on vertical pipes at the back of the stage.

“The Martin Stage Bars were running in high resolution mode with multiple patterns running through them” explained Dave. “The Stage Bars are awesome in fact we can’t keep enough of them in the factory! It’s the best LED fixture – you can actually light stuff with them. You can have four of them on a stage for side washes and they end up lighting the whole stage.”

Dave is also having fun using his new MAC250 Entours which he describes as great and a fixture that he loves for its punch and nice colours.