More Inventory for Cliftons Perth

Posted on Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

After their last purchase of the Robe ColorSpot 700E AT’s, Managing Director Ed Matthews decided to purchase 8 more fixtures to keep up with the amount of work they had to cover the summer festival season. Adding to the Robe 700 range, Ed decided to purchase 8 Robe ColorBeam 700E AT’s  to add to his extensive inventory. Ed says “We bought a further 8 Robe ColorSpot 700’s to add to our existing stock as they are a great compact light with awesome output. They have proved to be reliable and the guys just love using them. We also purchased 8 Robe ColorBeams 700E AT’s as they are a new light on the market and something in-between a spot and a wash. The tight beam angles and the amazing light output gives you a whole new look on stage when compared to conventional movers”.

The VuePix®P25 LED Panels have also been a proven success for Clifton Productions Perth when engaging in festivals and corporate events. Ed says “We invested in more VuePix® P25 LED Panels because they proved to be a hit with customers, especially in the festival market. Their extreme lightweight panel is probably the most key feature as it allows you to rig large scale screens in awkward venues that don’t have the weight loadings. For festivals we can rig a decent screen in a marquee or big top without all the associate heavy duty rigging that would be needed for the traditional heavier and bulkier screens.”

Ed said he is really happy with his purchases, especially with the Robe ColorBeam’s as he was really happy with its features. Ed says “This fixture has such huge potential, and I know for a fact the festival market will love it”. Recent gigs showing off the new inventory are the Blues & Roots festival, Future Music and the Laneway Festival.

left to right is Mick, Kim, Aidan & Marty