Monash University Learn With ETC

Posted on Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Michael Jewell, Theatre Operations and Productions Supervisor for the Faculty of Arts at Monash University, is in lampie heaven with his new acquisition of well over 100 ETC lighting fixtures!

Michael is delighted, with forty-two of the newly introduced ETC Fresnels, forty-two Source Four Par EA, twenty-four Source Four 15/30 Zooms, sixteen Source Four jr and heaps of 26 and 19 degree fixed beam fixtures with snoots now at his disposal.

“We have a university theatre that serves a drama department so we have to think about what the industry uses and ETC is just everywhere,” he commented. “If our students are going to have any hope of getting a job in this industry they have to be familiar with industry-leading brands such as ETC. Of course ETC also has a great reputation and their products are very reliable. With ETC lighting fixtures I find the consistency of the beam is always excellent.”

One of the reasons for upgrading the lighting was to cut down on electricity usage and the ETC Fresnels and Profiles with their high efficiency HPL750 watt globes certainly do just that. With the ETC Fresnel, Michael particularly favours the 7 inch lens and its compact size.

“As for the ETC Par – as far as I’m concerned the only Par worth buying is an ETC one,” stated Michael. “We chose the ETC Source Four jr again for lower wattage but also so we had some smaller fixtures that we could use for jobs off campus where power may be more limited.”

A couple of Jands 4PAK-Ds were also purchased so that they can be sent out with students if they need be to run a smaller show off 240 volt 10 amp circuits.

Local dealer ASL Systems more than capably handled the sale and ongoing support for the theatre.

Photo: Michael Jewell and Travis Hodgson, Theatre Technician.