Mole Richardson and Osram Introduce First Film-Friendly LED Solution

Posted on Friday, December 18th, 2009

Mole Richardson and OSRAM officially launched MoleLED, the first true film-friendly LED solution at LDI earlier this month. MoleLED unites a sophisticatedly designed fixture by Mole Richardson with advanced remote phosphor LED technology from Osram. With over 180 years of combined experience and expertise, these two companies are proud to introduce the next evolution in set lighting.

“Never before has a LED been available to the entertainment industry that is truly film-friendly,” said Mike Parker, CEO for Mole Richardson. “Unlike existing LED fixtures, the MoleLED blends these multiple sources into one, soft, single light source. This single source approach renders the light more attractive to the talent and more familiar to the technicians.”

Touting 3200°K and 5600°K true film-friendly color, MoleLED fixtures can replace standard light source fixtures. In fact, the 50W MoleLED fixture is an alternative for fluorescent solutions up to 110W, or tungsten solutions up to 300W. As a result of the LED technology, the fixture has an over 25,000 hour rated-life and will operate on everything from a 12-Volt car battery, 14.4V Anton Bauer or IDX V-mount battery, to a 24V camera battery, or any DC sources up to 50V. The MoleLED was designed with both local and remote DMX dimming and can dim down to 10% without any shift in color temperature.

Built rugged, with low-profile and mobile features, the MoleLED fixture is ideally suited for all set-lighting needs. With multiple rigging points and mounting options, Mole Richardson offers a wide range of standard accessories for the MoleLED fixtures, such as barn doors, louvers and gel frames.

The new MoleLED is powered by modules from the Osram KREIOS LED family. A fixture consists of 12 Osram Kerios LED metal core circuit boards. The 12 boards individually contain 20 high-output blue LEDs each topped with a remote phosphor dome, for a total of 240 individual sources. The phosphor domes are an Osram proprietary design, which are blue light activated to produce light in two exact color temperatures, Tungsten and Daylight.

This is the first introduction of the Osram Kerios T and Kerios D “remote phosphor technology” for soft lighting. Remote phosphor technology offers a single semiconductor system leading to consistent temperature behavior and allows the module to achieve a greater than 90 CRI with ease. Spectral characteristics are simple to adjust with remote phosphors. Additionally, the technology ensures light and color output stability over time. Kerios offers color-changing capabilities with high luminous efficacy.

“Remote phosphor technology allows the MoleLED fixture to provide Tungsten and Daylight white light that parallels both the spectral sensitivity curves of film and the visible spectrum, or what the eye sees,” said Leslie Trudeau, Osram Sylvania NAFTA business unit manager for entertainment. “This is one of the many benefits over LED mixing.”

With the help of Kodak, Panavision, Technicolor, and Shelly Johnson ASC, multiple film tests were shot with the MoleLED in order to verify the color viewed on set would translate to the color viewed in film dailies. This attention to detail and strict testing proved that the MoleLED can mix seamlessly with existing Tungsten Halogen light sources, natural daylight, or daylight balanced light sources.

Source: Lighting & Sound America