MJF Lighting get creative with DreamPix Tubes

Posted on Thursday, February 1st, 2018







New Zealand’s MJF Lighting purchased sixty-four  which enable remarkable 3D effects with a double-sided pixel mappable RGB tube and an easy-to-use ArtNet interface that works flawlessly with popular industry standard pixel mapping tools.

“We have a whole lot of high end moving lights such as MAC Vipers, but we had a gap in our inventory for lighting units to primarily dress sets,” commented Michael Leger of MJF. “As a result, the DreamPix Tubes were purchased as an eye candy unit but we really like that they can work as a light source as well.”

Michael remarked that the compact nature of the DreamPix Tubes allows them to be rigged into interesting spaces and so far, the feedback from his clients has been very enthusiastic.

“Physically they’re really easy to handle as there’s one lead that has the data and the power through them, then they daisy-chain together,” Michael added. “Sixteen on each string is a decent amount.”

At the weekend, MJF’s DreamPix Tubes were used on Auckland’s Laneway Festival where one of the headlining acts, New Zealand’s Baynk, requested something a little bit special.

“Banyk controlled the DreamPix Tubes through his music software he runs onstage,” explained Michael. “We worked on him being able to output DMX from his system to trigger the DreamPix so in theory he was playing the lights live too.”