Missy Higgins tours with Martin MAC Vipers

Posted on Monday, December 24th, 2012

Missy Higgins has been touring the country with her ‘The Razzle Dazzle Summer Tour’ lit by Kait Hall using a Resolution X rig.

Kait took the opportunity to bring Res X’s new Martin MAC Vipers on the road, eight in total, to predominantly light the backdrops and she wasn’t disappointed.

“The MAC Vipers worked really well,” Kait noted. “The thing that appealed most to me was that they have a good range of gobos. Everyone has been waiting for a new Martin high end profile fixture so it was a good opportunity for me to test them out. I like what they do optically and they’re really punchy so I’ll definitely be using them again.”

Kait described her seventeen Martin MAC700 spots and seventeen MAC700 washes as the workhorses in the rig, “They’re just a reliable fixture that you can count on to still be working by the end of the tour and that’s exactly what happened.”

Nine Clay Paky 700 HPE fixtures were used as profiles for Missy and the band members.

“I’d never toured with these before and I wanted something a little bit different to the MAC700’s,” explained Kait. “Their dimming curves are very subtle and I liked using them for all the band wash. I also had eight Clay Paky Sharpy and nine Clay Paky Alpha Beam 700 split between the floor and the air. You have to be very careful where you place them and how you use them – this show is very focussed on the artwork and banners so I just used the beams as highlights in particular songs. They were great as accent lights for the more upbeat songs.”

Instead of taking two full size MA Lighting consoles on the road, Kait toured a grandMA2 light as her main console and a Command Wing as her backup.

“It ended up being the smarter option as it meant that for the festival shows I could take it back to the hotel room to pre-program stuff and I could also carry it on the plane if needed,” she commented. “It was really handy to have and was pretty indispensable – certainly the way to tour these days!”

Fergal O’Sullivan was Kait’s tech on the road.