Microhire go with MA2

Posted on Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Broncos5-minMicrohire at the Royal International Convention Centre, Brisbane Showgrounds, now own an MA Lighting MA2 light and an MA2 ultra-light console.

The venue had found it hard to find technicians that could use their pre-existing consoles so a change needed to be made to a more internationally known console that could fit the flexibility of the venue and abilities of the technicians. The MA Lighting brand was the obvious choice.

Lighting designer Damian Devine (pictured) has been in the industry for many years and consequently began his experience on other consoles.

“At first I was an avid Celco user but that was eons ago!” said Damain. “I only started using the MA platform at the introduction of MA2. Because of all the hype, I had to investigate and I can honestly say I have never looked back! It will always my preferred platform and I wouldn’t ever think of changing.”

When talking about the many fabulous features of the MA2, Damian remarks that he loves the ability offered by the MA2 to adjust easily into any type of situation or place you may find yourself in.

“I like how you can make your work flown and customize views to the operator’s needs,” he added. “The networking capabilities are a definite plus. For R.i.C.C that’s important because of the extensive Art-Net setup in the house grids. I’m a big fan of layout view as it makes programming so less laborious and button heavy. The integration into other MA product is great ….. infact I don’t really know where this list could end.!! There’s so much the mind boggles and that’s a good thing. I discover something new every time I put in a show.”

Damian reports that their new MA2 consoles have been going great in their new home. Micro-hire and R.I.C.C are very pleased with the purchase and the response it has generated.

“We are looking forward to many, many trouble free years of service,” concluded Damian.