Michael Zagarn branching out with Martin

Posted on Friday, August 12th, 2016

DSC03734 Michael Zagarn has branched out to form his own company currently trading under his own name as he has been so busy he hasn’t had time to work out a suitable trading name!

Crucial to Michael’s endeavour are his array of Martin products including MAC Quantum Profiles, MAC Vipers, MAC250 Wash, MAC250 Entour, Eth2dmx8, JEM Ready 365 and a complete M Series family comprising a M6, M1, M Touch and MPC.

Michael has been in the industry for over fifteen years working in all facets of live events and productions. Recently he was finding that clients were wanting him to have more of a designer / technical director role and so he started his own company working with bands, expo lighting and theatre events.

Michael is particularly fond of his recent acquisition of MAC Quantum Profiles which he describes as a great fixture with all the features you could want.

“Being a LED liDSC03740ght engine made it an easy choice,” he added. “It is helping me lower my running cost for events without compromising on output and features.”

Michael is one of the first production companies in Australia to own a JEM Ready 365 hazer, the only hazer he has used in a hostile theatre environment that has filled the venue with ease. He also reported that it was running at 6% and used very little fluid for the season.

A devoted fan of the M Series of lighting control, Michael says the Martin M6 is a well laid out console with power and options.

“There is a lot of development that is still coming to the M Series family,” he noted. “The screens make working outdoors a breeze as they are true daylight screens.

“It’s not just the Martin brand and products that I favour – it’s the support from the Show Technology team. I know that if there is an issue they are a phone call away.”

Keep an eye on Michael’s website www.zagarn.com to see what name he decides upon ….. or maybe send him some suggestions!