Michael Bublé tours with Martin and MA

Posted on Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011


Canadian crooner Michael Bublé has been touring through the country with his Crazy Love show lit by Kurt Wagner. A Canadian national, Kurt spent many years working in the Australian lighting industry when he was based in Melbourne.

It’s a complicated set up with an ingenious set, designed by Mark Fisher and built by Tait Towers, which includes six custom-designed columns, an automated tracking systems, seven integrated band risers of varying heights and a black gloss deck.

Everything was shipped to Australia with Christie Lites supplying a rig that is dominated by Martin Professional fixtures.

“I like the Martin products,” stated Kurt. “They’ve improved a great deal over the years as have many other brands, so to me it’s now all about reliability and not seeing the crew changing lamps regularly.”

The rig has thirty-four MACIII profiles working with forty-eight MAC2000 washes, which according to Kurt provides a fantastic balance. There are also twelve MAC700s plus twenty-eight Martin TW1 tungsten washes which form a ring around the stage and cut through the band nicely.

“The TW1’s are used around the stage on the borders and drapes where they provide a very nice, warm light,” said Kurt. “I’m quite impressed by them; they’re reliable, compact and have a richer colour spectrum than a VL1000.

“I have to say that I’m very happy with the MACIII profiles. They have a great colour balance and temperature plus they give me a better balance with a MAC2000 wash than a MAC2000 profile can.”

Kurt is enjoying running his show on a grandMA full-size console. “With its 27 sub-masters, you can have your cue list on one side and all your video key light on the other, so everything is right there for you.”

There are three grandMAs at FOH: Wagner’s desk, assistant Denis Lee’s desk that is set up with the LED and video wall information, plus a back-up that tracks the show.