Melbourne Opera’s La Boheme

Posted on Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Melbourne Opera’s production of the much-loved Pucini romantic opera La Boheme opened in Melbourne last month and is touring until July of this year. Lighting Designer Scott Allan created a beautiful lighting design for this classic tale of love. The rig comprises: 12x 2kW Fresnel, 12x 1.2kW Fresnels, 24x 15/32 SL Profiles, 12x 23/50 SL Profiles, O/W Festooning, 12000×7000 Starcloth and a few purpose-built practicals. Venues are suppling control so touring Victoria and Tasmania, the Strand Palette appears heavily on the list. Interestingly, Scott has commented favorably on the 700 series of Lee colour supplied by Mediavision. “I particularly love the L776/4 and L728 colours. I have new favorite colours!”.

Scott also used L776 extensively on last year’s Sweeney Todd. This production was Directed by Hugh Halliday and Designed by Richard Jeziorny.