Melbourne Girls Grammar wins LightFactory

Posted on Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

As part of their extensive involvement with last years Drama Victoria State Conference, Lightmoves gave away a copy of Enttec’s LightFactory lighting control software as a door prize. The lucky winner was Jane Marshall of Melbourne Girls Grammar School, and recently Lightmoves Theatrical Systems specialist Peter Gray personally delivered the prize to the schools theatre technician, Mark Thompson, who was very excited about the new toy he had to play with.

Mark intends to start using the software in lieu of their current lighting desk, for the many school assemblies and meetings that he requires to control lights, “It was becoming quite tiresome to have to drag the single lighting desk that we have to all the varied halls and assembly areas, so this is perfect. I just need to take my laptop with me.”

The School’s drama department has been keen to expand its curriculum into more technical areas of drama, and due to the nature of the LightFactory software, the drama department can now load LightFactory onto all the students’ computers, allowing them to practice and create their own lighting designs. The software then only begins to output DMX, once a licensed ‘dongle’ is attached to the machine.