MDG theONE™ Digital Atmospheric Generator

Posted on Thursday, August 5th, 2010

MDG’s theONE™ is a fully digital, dual mode fog/haze atmospheric generator that offers control over atmospheric effects from a single source. An efficient multi-level user interface, accessible from the backlit LCD panel, allows gradual switching between fog and haze modes via various networking protocols. Each parameter is set into specific presets but can be accessed and redefined by advanced users. The networking capability allows installation of the generator as part of an existing ACN network. Automatic refilling occurs from an external 20-liter (5.3 US gal) fluid container and with the two interconnected 9kg (20 lb) CO2 or N2 gas bottles. The generator and accessories sit in separate cradles, and the standard aluminum rolling rack provides several rigging options.  Total running time with the 20-liter container is estimated at 10 hours in fog mode and 308 hours in haze mode.
Australian Distributor: Bytecraft Entertainment