MDG at Prolight+Sound, Frankfurt

Posted on Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

MDG will bring new products to Prolight+Sound, Frankfurt, which is especially good news for those who work in tough environments or with permanent and semi-permanent installations.

Fresh off the blocks are a new IP55 haze generator, the ATMe WPE, and new accessories in the form of the Round Floor Pocket, RFP 239, complete with updated controller, RFP-CB, plus MDG’s unique D-Verter 239.

ATMe WPE™ Haze Generator

ATMe WPE™ is a non-stop, variable output, haze generator encased in a weather-proof carbon steel enclosure. It has been specifically designed as an IP55-rated, weather- and dust-proof version of MDG’s highly successful ATMe haze generator. ATMe WPE retains all ATMe’s characteristics and quality enabling it to create the finest, almost invisible mist which shows off laser and light beams to perfection. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Laboratory-tested, approved and certified, ATMe WPE’s enclosure offers IP55 protection against adverse weather and dust penetration which can cause costly and time-consuming maintenance problems for long term installations in indoor and outdoor theme parks and attractions.

Meanwhile, its ATMe pedigree ensures it produces the finest haze and retains the qualities of safety and reliability, 100% duty cycle and the famous MDG Automatic Purging System™ (APS™) that prevents residual build up and clogging, which are the hallmarks of all MDG haze generators’ success.

ATMe WPE’s new exterior makes it ideally suited for the rigours of festivals, theme parks and attractions purposes and, in fact, meets most industry needs.

It can be controlled via DMX, is RDM-ready, and is suitable for use with CO2 or N2 gas. Its universal switching power supply (100-250 VAC, 50/60Hz, 715W) and CE/CSA/US certification ensure it can be used worldwide.

RFP 239™ Round Floor Pocket

RFP 239 is a DMX/RDM-operated pneumatic Round Floor Pocket of rugged construction which can be embedded in the stage floor or set wall to conceal a fog output. It is intended to operate under pneumatic pressure as part of an existing fog system, delivering low fog or fog to precise locations.

RFP 239 is compatible with all MDG CO2, N2 and compressed air accessories, but is especially effective with ICE FOG Q low fog generator. It has a 23cm (9”) fog input, and a fog output with a choice of either 360° or, with the aid of an optional rear shield plate, 240° distribution for universal or targeted delivery. RFP 239 can be mounted vertically or horizontally and its height adjusted between 7.62cm (3”) and 10cm (4”) above stage level to allow an unobstructed, variable flow of low fog or fog.

Constructed of a corrosion resistant black-coated carbon steel collar and top plate and durable PVC inset tube, the new RFP 239 has been re-engineered with a shorter 21.6cm (8.5inch) form factor than its predecessor, to occupy 35% less space under stage and, at 7kg (15.5lb), also offers a weight reduction of 47%. This guarantees considerable space- and weight-saving advantages which can be of great benefit in large scale touring environments or permanent installations.
With a low power consumption of only 50 W, this pneumatic fog output can be used anywhere due to its universal switching power supply (100-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz). RFP 239 is compatible with MDG’s Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or Nitrogen (N2) range or any compressed air accessories and is designed to provide years of quality service.

RFP-CB™ Control Box

The RFP-CB is a DMX/RDM Control Box which can operate up to 4 Round Floor Pockets (RFP 239) in unison from a single control box using just one channel of DMX, thus potentially reducing the cost of control hardware by up to 75%.

RFP-CB shares the same robust electronics as MDG’s theFAN™, possessing a simple and efficient multi-level User Interface, accessible from the backlit LCD panel, which allows for a gradual switch between local mode and most common protocols: DMX-512-A USITT and RDM ANSI E1.20. RFP-CB can be used anywhere due to its universal switching power supply (100V- 250VAC/ 50/60Hz, 50W) and CE/CSA/UL certification.

D-Verter 239™

Unique to MDG, D-Verter 239 is a DMX/RDM pneumatic 23 cm (9”) input/output fog switcher designed mainly for use with ICE FOG Q. It performs several functions by using a sliding conduit either to split a single source of fog into two distinct outputs, merge two separate sources of fog into a single output, or act as a fog output gate.

By using D-Verter 239 as an output gate, the user can stabilize the output of the ICE FOG Q before activating the gate, or rapidly stop dispersion. D-Verter 239 can also prevent residual low fog or fog back-flushing into the generator and risking damage to the generator. Instead it can disperse excess low fog or fog discreetly below stage to give a clean effect on stage and minimise maintenance.

D-Verter 239 can be configured to give one ICE FOG Q a dual output allowing the flow of low fog to be diverted to two different output locations from the one low fog generator.

D-Verter can also be used to disperse two types of fog effects – low fog and fog – at the same fog output, switching between the two effects or combining them. Effects can be changed as required by connecting, for example, an ICE FOG Q low fog generator and Me1 or Me2 fog generator to the D-Verter. The different low fog or fog effect from each generator can then be directed along the same fog output through the stage or scenery via RFP 239 units as required.

Alternatively, D-Verter 239 can connect two ICE FOG Q units and merge them into a single output to increase the dispersion rate without any output variation.

Using the same robust electronics as MDG’s theFAN™, D-Verter 239’s simple and efficient multi-level User Interface, accessible from the backlit LCD panel, allows for a gradual switch between local mode and most common protocols: DMX-512-A USITT and RDM ANSI E1.20. This combined with its low 50W power consumption, universal switching power supply and CE/CSA/UL certification means this pneumatic Fog Input/Output Splitter can be used anywhere.

All the new accessories are compatible with MDG’s Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or Nitrogen (N2) range, or any compressed air accessories, and designed to provide years of quality service.

MDG at PRG Live Entertainment Award

MDG is very proud to announce that it has been chosen as a partner of the PRG Live Entertainment Award (LEA) at Frankfurt’s Festhalle. The event, which celebrates music artists and the creative and technical teams responsible for live productions, takes place on the evening of Monday 4 April in front of 1,400 guests and will be streamed live on the internet for the first time.  MDG ATMe haze generators will be stationed back stage and front of house to produce the finest haze that will show off the award-winning lighting to its best advantage.

For the remainder of Prolight+Sound the set-up of the stage, including all installations and effects, can be viewed by all visitors to the show who will also be treated to a demonstration show every half hour. A backstage tour of the technology will also be on offer. MDG ATMe units will be part of this demonstration and tour and we hope you will all take advantage of the opportunity to see them perform in the size and style of environment they were created for.

To discover more about the LEA show and the new product releases from MDG, visit MDG stand in Hall 3.0 Stand E19.
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