Matrix Productions welcome VARI*LITE VLX to WA

Posted on Friday, September 14th, 2012

Matrix Productions has become the first production company in Western Australia to purchase the award-winning VARI*LITE VLX Wash Luminaire.

“The VLX wash marries the benefits of LED technology and the best characteristics of traditional automated luminaires,” commented Mick Letchford, Matrix’s ???. “I love the colour-mixing and ease of operation. The colours are very rich, since they are produced from an additive system, and have really good intensity. Colour changes are absolutely silent in comparison to traditional moving lights. Being able to mix the pastel colours is really good too. What also impressed me was the white which is the whitest LED “white” I have ever seen.”

Mick remarks that their clients have been noticing how fabulous their eight VLX perform and that many have commented on how great they are especially as they are so quiet.

“Their movement is fast, accurate and silent,” he added. “We also find that the design of the VLX and its handles make it easy to rig the unit. The light can be mounted and operated in any position; there are no restrictions. That can be very handy.” 

Mick says that the cost of lamps is killing everyone in production hire so it made sense to go down the LED path. With a long-life source that considerably reduces maintenance, combined with low energy consumption and maintenance costs, the VLX wash is the obvious choice.

The photograph is of the Kimberley Diamond Dinner held at Perth’s Hyatt where the lights were designed and operated by Mick Letchford. The event was produced by Cassandra Brennan Events. 

Photo: Scene Team.