Martin Stage Bars hurried to Phaseshift

Posted on Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Stagebars at workPhaseshift Productions recently took possession of twelve Martin Stage Bar 54L LED fixtures to add to their LEDinventory.

Phaseshift’s Stage Bars arrived in Australia and were whisked away to their first gig arriving two hours before doors at a corporate show held at The GPO Alto! Thankfully ease of use and installation is a key feature of these fixtures. A prime focus in the development of the Stagebar 54 has been to circumvent some of the logistic and set-up problems associated with LED lighting. This has culminated in a simple, unique all-in-one solution.

The events lighting designer Hugh Taranto was keen to see the Stage Bar 54 LED fixtures. The moment the fixtures arrived, Troy Brown and Rob Oswald of Phaseshift went to work setting up the Stage Bars which neither of them had worked with before. Both Troy and Rob were impressed with their ease of set up and operation.

With Hugh Taranto stating that the new “Stage Bars were worth waiting for” he was very happy with their output. The client reported that they finished the room off perfectly.

The very next day the fixtures headed straight to Sydney for the Sounds of Light show held at Acer Arena with LD Dave Taylor using the Stage Bars on the front truss for audience wash.

Dave was very happy with the output of the Stage Bars and the look of them. With the ability to use a spectrum of colours with the white and amber LEDs, he would not hesitate to use them again on his next gig.

There was no question of the quality and brightness coming from this compact fixture.

Accompanying the 12 x Stage Bars 54L on Sounds of Light were 16 x MAC700P, 12 x MAC700W, and other assorted lighting fixtures.