Martin smartMACs provide Function Flexibility at Dockside

Posted on Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Dockside & L’Aqua have undergone a complete transformation, with exquisitely decorated interiors designed by award-winning and renowned interior designer Michael McCann of Dreamtime Australia Design.

In the absence of a stark, clinical feel often achieved by some large venues, McCann has created three highly desirable stylish, world-class venues, creating an atmosphere with a competitive edge. All venues offer variable set-up styles, spacious balcony breakout areas and state-of-the art audiovisual facilities, and are poised to welcome the first guests to experience the glamour and luxury in the beautifully redecorated venues.

A beautiful venue needs atmosphere and that can be achieved with clever use of intelligent lighting but no one wants to see big, black fixtures hanging from the ceiling. Fortunately Silas Creel, managing director of the Dockside’s in-house audio visual company Impact AV, knew just the solution: the white smartMAC that blends into it’s setting with ease.

The smartMAC is a 150 watt moving head profile that outperforms many of its 250 watt rivals and offers unprecedented reliability, longer service intervals, total silence and smaller power bills. The smartMAC is an extremely bright profile light and image projector, the most efficient profile luminaire available in its class.

”Another important reason why we chose the smartMAC is because of the low three-metre high ceiling,” remarked Silas. “As the smartMAC comes with a 25 degree lens, you get a nice wide spread despite the short throw.”

Silas was also impressed by the smartMAC’s ability to perform silently without fan noise.

“They are super quiet and as we have forty smartMAC’s – often all on at the same time – just above people’s heads that’s important!” he said. “They are a pricey light but they are well worth the money.

”I also like the gobo set up – the ability to pull a card in and out is quite a handy piece of technology.”

With the smartMAC you change colour filters and gobos easily without tools simply by lifting the dedicated cover – this is a unique, patent pending Martin solution that lets you customize gobos for events, create your own unique mood, or throw your logo or name on any surface.

Silas favours the smartMACs ability to conduct heat away from the head, keeping the front of the luminaire cool and also the fact that it comes with a long-life lamp.

”The smartMAC offers a lot of flexibility from projecting corporate logos around the room to table washes and also it is very effective for doing show performances.”