Martin RUSH MH1 are In Phase

Posted on Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

In Phase Productions, located in picturesque Port Macquarie, recently added some Martin RUSH MH1 Profile Plus super bright LED profile moving heads to their inventory. The RUSH MH1 Profile Plus is 50% brighter than its predecessor and efficient optics, with an increased beam angle from 13 degrees to 16 degrees, punch out a variety of effects and colours from two gobo wheels and two colour wheels. For added versatility and effect, it also houses an electronic dimmer and strobe, iris and 3-facet prism and an improved cooling system for quieter operation.

Last Friday night the RUSH MH1 Profile Plus fixtures were used on the One Night Stand Show featuring Daryl Braithwaite, Mental as Anything, and Russell Morris & The Badloves. Held at Panthers, Port Macquarie, In Phase used their new Rush MH1 on the back line on the deck with some of their MAC500s on a truss above to give the desired look. Lighting design and operation was by Cameron Pike.

Tom Benson, General Manager at In Phase Productions, has been impressed with his purchase and is especially delighted with the price point!

“We looked at some other fixtures but they were just too expensive,” he said. “Once we put the RUSH MH1’s up against our MAC500’s, they looked pretty close so we thought it was a no brainer. My lighting guy just loves them because they do everything he wants and have some great features.”

Tom also reported that they like the fact that the RUSH MH1 fixture is light to carry, an important consideration for smaller companies.