Martin RUSH for Newman College

Posted on Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Lighting 12 Perth’s Newman College recently constructed a new auditorium designed as a multi-purpose building for the use of all members of the College Community. While it will provides excellent facilities for the Performing Arts, it also contains spaces for such wider uses as Art Expo, Parent Teacher evenings, Music and Drama productions and Awards functions.

The auditorium has a maximum seating capacity of 680, of which 580 are retractable, a stage measuring 24 x 12 metres and an adjustable proscenium. It also has a thrust stage that doubles as an orchestra pit as well.

With the new venue came a new lighting rig supplied by Rick Browne of Venue Technical Services who recommended the Martin RUSH series. Consequently twelve RUSH MH6 and eight RUSH MH1 fixtures were chosen along with a solitary Martin Atomic Strobe.

Lighting 11“I really like the Martin brand and have used lots of their fixtures such as the MAC101’s and Auras, but I have to say that the RUSH MH6 is my favourite of the zoom washes,” commented Adam James, Auditorium Technical Supervisor. “They’re fantastic for what we use them for. If we rig all twelve over the stage and then zoom them out, the wash is phenomenal. Then you can bring them right in to an effect point which makes them very versatile. They’re also move fast.”

Adam was equally impressed by the RUSH MH1 which he says deliver a lot for what they cost.

“In fact I would put them above the MAC350 Entour because of the prism feature and dual rotating gobos,” he added. “Feature wise we can do whatever we want with them. We’re real happy with them.”