Martin RUSH fixtures make Good Friday even better!

Posted on Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

2016-03-25 19.19.34 Each year the Good Friday Appeal brings together people from all parts of the community to raise much needed funds for equipment, research and education to support the work of The Royal Children’s Hospital.

The activities of the Good Friday Appeal lead up to an all-day telethon, broadcast live across Victoria on Good Friday and supported by the Herald Sun, Channel 7 and 3AW 693.

This year’s t2016-03-25 17.31.02elethon was lit by Rohan Thornton with equipment supplied by Res X. The rig included 10 x Clay Paky 1500 Spots, 14 x Clay Paky 700 Alpha Spots, 38 x Martin MAC TW1, 14 x MAC700 Wash, 30 x MAC Aura, a Pandora’s Box Manager and 3 x Pandora’s Box Media Player Pro.

The event saw Rohan introduced to the Martin RUSH MH4 Beam and RUSH MH6 Wash. Twenty-four MH4 and forty-eight MH6 were added to his rig and he was absolutely blown away by their performance.

“One of the most important elements of fixture design is how they complement each other,” remarked Rohan. “Lighting is relative, it’s not so much how bright they are, it’s how well they perform sitting side by side. The MH4 and MH6 certainly play well together. In my opinion, they are the best complimentary fixtures on the market. In fact I have not seen two fixtures work so well tog2016-03-25 21.37.42ether since the VL5 and VL6!”

The RUSH MH4 can blast an intense and narrow beam for spectacular mid-air looks and effects. It houses a fixed gobo wheel and colour wheel with a multitude of effects possible from a dimmer and strobe, 6-facet prism and focus.

“I am a big fan of the colour selection in the MH4,” added Rohan. “They have the right combination of pastels and deeper colours for every occasion.”

The RUSH MH 62016-03-25 19.53.35 Wash offers a fully pre-mixed colour system from 12 x 10 W RGBW LEDs with a spectacular 10°–60° zoom. It also offers full electronic dimming, strobe effects and temperature-controlled fan cooling for quiet operation.

“The size and agility of both fixtures are very impressive,” said Rohan. “In short they were F*****G AWESOME and will be included in all future designs!”