Martin RUSH and MA dot2 core for William Clarke College

Posted on Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

IMG_5673Sydney’s William Clarke College has upgraded its auditorium with the installation of four Martin RUSH MH6, four RUSH MH1 and an MA Lighting dot2 core for control.

“Most of our rig is made up of conventional fixtures and we needed a fixture that gave us flexibility to go between assemblies and performing arts,” commented Kyle Christie, Music and AV Support Technician at William Clarke College. “The Martin RUSH fixtures make that transition a whole lot easier. As they are LED, we don’t have to worry about replacing globes which is good.”

Kyle further remarked that he is extremely impressed by the RUSH MH6 especially for their price point. Their brightness and zoom capabilities was an instant hit. As for the RUSH MH1, Kyle was again pleased with their performance and price particularly as they deliver such a good prism.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe school already owns an MA Lighting command wing which resides in a different venue and satisfied with the brand, they opted for a dot2 core console in the auditorium. The dot2 core is a compact lighting console designed for small to medium sized productions up to 4,096 control channels.

“It’s simple to pick up as it’s fairly intuitive,” said Kyle. “Consequently it’s great for the kids using it. It’s very flexible and is basically a plug and play console. It’s great to be able to get things moving quickly.”

The dot2 core includes a full programming section, master playback section, 6 fader playbacks and 12 individual playback buttons. Two built in touch screens and support for one external touch screen ensure the dot2 core has the flexible hardware required for almost any kind of show.

Photographed is a Senior School production of The Tempest.