Martin offers RADAR lighting feedback system

Posted on Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Martin Professional has teamed up with Wybron to offer an innovative lighting feedback system based on the industry-standard feedback protocol Remote Device Management (RDM).

Called Martin RADAR, an acronym for Remote Access Diagnostics And Reporting, the information feedback and monitoring system enables users to communicate with lighting fixtures by gathering lighting fixture data remotely and sending it to operators for immediate attention. It allows troubleshooting and fixture repair to be completed in minutes instead of hours, cutting down on expensive repair time and increasing productivity and ROI.

Martin RADAR uses RDM to collect fixture data from an installed system – or from a rig before and during a show – and then modifies it if needed (DMX, lamp, fixture status, etc.). It enables checking lighting equipment and diagnosing any problems from the convenience of a computer and without the hassle of having to access the lighting system, a great benefit for installations such as theatres, retail, outdoor architecture, cruise ships, theme parks and more, says Martin. It also simplifies fixture patching by scanning the system, applying DMX addresses and uploading to fixtures.

RADAR real-time monitoring can directly increase return on investment by decreasing expensive down time. It lets users be proactive, foreseeing problems by providing precise information even before a break down occurs, and is a great benefit in connection with service planning.

Rental companies can benefit from the system as well to quickly diagnose, service and repair returned gear before sending it out on its next assignment, increasing uptime and therefore earnings. Martin RADAR also lets users prep fixtures before arriving on site, and resets them once the event is over.

The Martin RADAR system consists of the Wybron Infogate, splitters, a PC and an Internet connection to a centralized server. In order for the RADAR system to work, lighting fixtures must be RDM compatible. Martin is able to offer an RDM software upgrade as a ‘stand alone’ product which gives some of the same benefits as the Complete Care package.

RDM is being incorporated into Martin professional class fixtures beginning with the MAC III Profile. A number of earlier Martin fixtures will be RDM compatible via a software upgrade.
Australian distributor: Show Technology