Martin MX-10’s the ideal solution for the Ivy Room

Posted on Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

The Ivy Room is a purposely designed, dedicated function space within the mega-trendy Ivy complex in Sydney. The 509 sqm space is totally devoid of columns or partitions, making it an awe-inspiring floor which can hold 1,000 people.

The dramatic size of the Ivy Room is enhanced by soaring six-metre high ceilings and six white papier-mâché chandeliers – a stunning 2.25 metres in diameter – hanging from the white glossy solid timber ceiling. A sophisticated, yet relaxed atmosphere is achieved through carefully chosen contemporary furnishings including a chic zebra-print carpet that forms the focal point of the room’s stylish black and white theme. A silver travertine stone floor trim draws the eye to the lush, green atmosphere of the covered outdoor garden room terrace at the George St end of the room.

On the opposing side, a black curtained wall makes an impressive backdrop for presentations by day, and by night it transforms to an elaborate fifteen metre long shelf of electric candle lights. Triple-height (floor to ceiling) windows on two sides flood the space with natural light, however, lighting levels can be easily controlled if needs be with blackout blinds and plush translucent curtains featuring a garden motif.

With its ability to transform from a motivating function environment during the day to an enchanting ‘magical’ room in the evening, The Ivy Room provides a unique and inspiring event destination.

With such an emphasis on the aesthetics of the room and fabulous interior design, chunky black moving head fixtures hanging from the ceiling would have been a visual calamity. Fortunately there was one – and only one – lighting fixture that could solve the dilemma of how to light the room, tables or performers. Enter the Martin MX-10 Extreme, a powerful 250 W discharge scanner with 12 replaceable colours, 8 interchangeable indexed-rotating gobos and a 3-facet prism for brilliant effects.

A total of forty-five Martin MX-10 Extreme were chosen as they fitted snugly into the box truss that has been installed into the roof.

“Basically, we’ve designed the audio visual system so that the motorized truss can go up and down whilst the speakers and lights remain inside the truss,” explained Peter Wilson, general manager at Avsound Productions who designed and installed all of the audio visual elements into the Ivy Room. “When you’re standing beneath the ceiling all you can really see is the mirrors of the MX-10’s, there’s nothing hanging out of the ceiling giving a nice, clean look to the roof.

“The MX-10’s are used to light tables, the dance floor, the look of the room, and band wash.”

Although the truss can be lowered for maintenance of the fixtures hidden within it, it was important to have a lighting fixture that was reliable and needed minimal maintenance.

Controlling the Martin MX-10’s is a Martin LightJocky with touch screen overlay chosen as all of Avsound’s operators are familiar with the programme and favour its’ capabilities.