Martin Manias gives more bang to Morang

Posted on Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

The Commercial Hotel in South Morang, Victoria, recently underwent a refurbishment including new lighting and sound in their night club. Nathan Pugh of One Productions didn’t hesitate to recommend Martin lighting for the disco dazzle.

Twelve Martin Mania SCX600 scanners were chosen for their incredible speed, brightness and reasonable pricing. Included are two interchangeable rotating glass gobos and 5 interchangeable rotating metal gobos along with 9 interchangeable colours and a split colour feature for added colour capability. What’s more, an additional 8 metal gobos are included for maximum image flexibility.

” The Mania SCX600 is a really powerful scanner with high quality optics,” said Nathan. “I also installed four Martin Mania EFX500 effects lights which have a great range of effects and patterns. The coverage is great and with smoke, they give a really nice effect

The Mania EFX500 features dazzling graphical looks from a combined colour and gobo wheel cast from a rotating and swiveling mirror drum. Other effects can be achieved through electronic dimming, strobe effects and manual focus. The result is a unique, high powered yet low priced effect light.

”Paul Nicolaou, Show Technology’s Victorian Branch Manager, programmed the Manias so you can get them all syncronized together and it looks amazing,” commented Nathan. “I recommended a Martin LightJockey for control as it’s so easy to set up and is pretty foolproof for the operator. One of the club owners actually does the lighting and he loves it. We’ve set it up so it’s all run through a touch screen computer which is all synchronized to the keyboard. It’s reliable and easy to programme.”

Nathan also installed Giga Strobes, mirror balls, UV effect lights and a Martin Magnum Hazer.