Martin MACIII’s are Instyle

Posted on Friday, October 9th, 2009

The 2009 Instyle Women of Style Awards were recently held at the Exhibition Space, Australian Technology Park in Sydney. Lighting designer Josh Moffat from All Things Technical worked with Event Producers Production Stuff to design the lighting for the event.

There were fifty black dresses on mannequins used to create the entrance to the event space, each one lit with a Selecon Pacific, whilst hundreds of mannequins were used to form the main event space. The night was full of awards as well as a performance by upcoming classical act Aston.

The lighting system, supplied by Lots of Watts, comprised of three MACIII’s, ten VL3000 spot, twelve MAC2000 wash, two Look Solutions Unique Hazers, sixty-two Selecon Pacifics, eight Selecon 1.2k Fresnel, and a MA Lighting grandMA for control.

Jonathan Parker, Lots of Watts system tech, was very impressed with the intensity of the light output of the MACIII’s. 

”They had no issue shooting all the way down the hall of the venue,” he remarked. “They worked faultlessly through out the event.”