Martin MACIII’s making life easier at Chameleon Touring Systems

Posted on Monday, September 21st, 2009

Chameleon Touring Systems are the happy recipients of twelve of the new Martin MACIII Profiles. So happy they’ve ordered twelve more! Managing director Tony Davies confidently expects to see the MACIII on many of this summer’s riders.

”We’re already seeing a huge amount of interest in them both locally and internationally,” he remarked. “Clients are very interested in using this fixture because of the output and advanced features.”

With a busy hire department to run, Tony is particularly impressed by the fact that the MACIII is very technician-friendly.

”Having pulled one apart and had a thorough look at it, I am amazed by how easy they are to maintain,” he said. “Not that MAC’s ever seem to break down!”

“These lights are so good – my assistant will be out of a job,” agreed Alex Magat, Service and Maintenance Manager at Chameleon Touring Systems.

The MACIII Profile features a unique fat beam and houses an enhanced CMY colour mixing system for a wider range of vibrant colours – true reds for example. A fixed colour wheel houses interchangeable slots for an even broader colour range.

“The colours are great and colour changes are remarkably fast,” added Tony. “And of course the MACIII is incredibly bright and it has amazing optics.”

Chameleon has already used their MACIII’s on several events including twelve on the Hillsong 2009 Conference, two on So You Think You Can Dance, twelve on a NRL Footy Show outside broadcast in Brisbane, and eight are currently on Australian Idol.

Overseas the MAC III Profile is being used extensively throughout the 2009 summer touring season (Elton John, Billy Joel, Beyonce, The Jonas Brothers, Greenday to name a few). Its unique fat beam coupled with an enhanced CMY colour mixing system, dual gobo wheels and gobo animation system provide designers with all new dynamic looks.