Martin MAC575 Kryptons make the impossible dream a reality

Posted on Wednesday, October 20th, 2010


An impossible dream has become a reality with the launch of a five-star theatre restaurant experience for Cairns. The production is called The Impossible Dream by Philip Witts.

Award-winning tourist attraction Paronella Park and Cairns’ Shangri-La Hotel have joined forces to present this “gourmet theatre event” that is staged in the Shangri-La ballroom 363 days a year.

This theatre dining experience is based on the true story of one of North Queensland’s inspirational pioneers – Jose Paronella. It is the first significant cultural tourism investment in the region for many years, with the ambition that it will join Paronella Park in becoming one of the must see experiences in TNQ.

Mark and Judy Evans, owners of Paronella Park, have set up M&J Dream Productions to create this new style of theatre. Five performers each night present a story inspired by the amazing true tale of Jose Paronella, a visionary Spanish cook who built a castle in a rainforest for love.

Lighting equipment for the show was purchased from The Production Shop with lighting designer Jason Glenwright opting for four Martin MAC575 Kryptons as his only moving light source.

“The fact that the show is held in a non-typical theatrical venue has been a bit of a challenge,” revealed Jason. “In particular power has been a problem with only one 3 phase outlet so we needed a moving light that can deliver a lot of flexibility. I had to be able to get as much as I could from the gear chosen. I knew that the MAC575 Krypton would be able to supply me with a lot of punch, as well as plenty of colours and effects. They really are the life savers in this production!”

For cyc lighting Jason chose nine Pro Shop Honeycomb 72 LED fixtures along with a couple of Pro Shop Honeycomb 36 LED units. Again, these have been ideal for cyc lighting due to their extremely small power draw.

”They’re good at mixing primary colours and they light the cyc well,” said Jason. “Plus you can position them close to the cyc which is great as stage space is tight.”

The show was programmed on a MA Lighting grandMA light and is now run with a grandMA Node off a laptop.

”I hear it’s working really well and it’s good for me because it’s pretty tamper proof!” said Jason. “No one can add in some ghastly colour or look!”