Martin MAC250 Entours for sale

Posted on Thursday, March 31st, 2011

As soon as the 250 Entour hit the market it became the favoured entry level production fitting that found its way into all segments from production, installation and even architectural applications.  The key feature is that it punches above its weight, with super bright output, crystal clear optics and the added effect of the secondary gobo, all that from a unit that is a one person lift.

The units come with an average amount of hours clocked on them and with better than half life lamps.

These examples are from a very busy production house, where they have been meticulously maintained internally to ensure their ongoing performance on the road.  The top end of the production market is where reliability matters, and although their panels may be a little more scuffed and scratched then some other examples we have seen into RecycledTech, their internals are A1.

Units come including dual cases that are also well used, but fully functional and straight.

Eight units available $2999.00 each.